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What is SPORT 4U?

SPORT4U is a cloud service that can provide you a friendly environment for viewing training statistics,
analyzing training result, planning route for next training and share training result with your friends.

Training History and Statistics

By viewing training history, you can understand your past training record and use them as a reference for your future training plan.
With statistics information, you will know your current training milestone and plan for the next target.

Professional Analysis

Professional analysis is very useful for you to have an idea about your current training status.
With SPORT4U’s professional analysis, you can easily plan your next level of training and will have great improvement on your training performance.

Plan Your Route

You can plan route on SPORT4U and transfer to your own device.
With planned route in your device, you can follow the route to go to exercise in the place you have never been without getting lost.

Share with Your Friends

In SPORT4U, your can share your training with your friends and know your friends training as well.
By sharing, your friend will not only understand your training result but also know where you have been.
Professional Analysis
Plan Your Route
Share with Friends

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